The National Alliance of Victims' Rights Attorneys & Advocates (NAVRA) is a membership alliance committed to the protection, enforcement, and advancement of crime victims' rights nationwide.  NAVRA is a project of the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI), a nonprofit research and educational organization that actively promotes balance and fairness in the justice system through crime victim centered legal advocacy, education, and resource sharing. To learn more about NCVLI, please visit

Through increased communication and coordination of attorneys and advocates working with crime victims, NAVRA aims to increase the availability of expert services for crime victims. NAVRA also strives to advance the professional development of its members by offering affordable continuing legal education trainings throughout the year. Membership is open to attorneys, non-attorney victim advocates, crime victims, law students, and any individual interested in legal developments that affect crime victims. To learn more about membership levels and the associated benefits, please visit the Join page.

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Jul 19th, 2017
Restitution Review: Select Cases From the Past Year July 26, 2017 - 9:00am PT Register now to get the latest restitution case law updates that will help you collect on behalf of victims.
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