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Advanced Training: Victims’ Rights in Washington State

Victim Rights in Washington State - An Overview of Statutes and Case Law

Using Asset Forfeiture to Compensate Victims of Crime

Event image A live webcast presented by Carly F. Diroll-Black, Attorney Advisor, Money Laundering & Asset Recovery Section (MLARS), U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division.

Read NCVLI's 2010-2011 Annual Report

NCVLI’s Annual Report, published each fall, is an opportunity to learn more about our work to help individual crime victims move toward becoming survivors, and to establish legal precedent so that tomorrow’s victims benefit from today’s efforts.  We thank our amazing community of survivors, attorneys, advocates, volunteers, and donors who stand behind our vision of a balanced and fair justice system. Click here to read the Annual Report.

New & Noteworthy Court Opinion: State v. Shepherd - A.3d - No. 2010-336 2012 WL 5275420 (Vt. Oct. 26 2012).

Defendant pled guilty to aggravated assault, lewd and lascivious conduct with a child, and sexual exploitation of a child, arising out of his sexual assault of a 10-year-old child-victim.  Defendant appealed the trial court’s order that he pay restitution for the costs of relocating the child-victim’s family to Hawaii that were not covered by state victims’ compensation program funds.  Defendant, who was the live-in nanny for the child-victim’s twin, sexually assaulted the child-victim over a period of several months.  The child-victim and his family lived in a small, rural town, and after

Access to Justice: Making it Real

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During the trial of a man convicted of a number of crimes, including residential burglary, one of his victims, an individual with developmental disabilities, was afforded a facility dog, Ellie.  On appeal defendant argued that affording the victim the aid of a facility dog was so prejudicial as to amount to a violation of his constitutional right to a fair trial.  The intermediate court of appeals rejected defendant’s argument but defendant has sought further review in the Washington Supreme Court. 

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