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New Publications Added to Victim Law Library

SEPTEMBER 06, 2013

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As part of our commitment to ensuring access to cutting edge research, writing, and training on victim law we have revamped our Victim Law Library.  The library is re-organized and ever-expanding.  It includes ourVictim Law Bulletins, which provide in-depth analysis of topics relating to victims’ rights together with practice tips; our most recent quarterly Crime Victim Law Updates, which compile summaries of court decisions affecting victims’ rights from state and federal courts nationwide; articles from ourNewsletter of Crime Victim Law, a semi-annual newsletter; selectwebinars50-state surveys analyzing the state of the country; and more!

And we’re not done yet.  New resources are regularly being added to the Library.  In October we added two new Bulletin publications: Protecting Victims from Discovery Requests in Civil Proceedings During the Pendency of a Related Criminal Case and Protecting Victims’ Privacy Rights: The Use of Pseudonymns in Criminal Cases.  

Check out the Library today & keep coming back!

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