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Preventing Re-Victimization

All too often victims of crime report that enduring the criminal justice system is itself a type of victimization - a secondary or re-victimization.  Factors that impact how victims experience the system include how they are treated during the process, and the amount of control and participatory access that they have. NCVLI fights daily to protect victims’ rights, in large part, to prevent re-victimization.

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  December 03, 2013 News Image

Ethics & Victims’ Rights: Navigating the No-Contact Rule

05 Dec

State rules of professional conduct limit when attorneys and certain non-attorneys with whom they work can communicate directly with crime victims who are represented by counsel. This training explores these limitations in the context of victims’ rights law and practice. NCVLI will provide a brief overview of the scope and application of no-contact rules to communications with represented victims. Two experienced victims’ rights attorneys – Jamie Balson from Legal Services for Crime Victims in Arizona and Mariam El-menshawi from California Victims Legal Resource Center – will then share their experiences with, and practice tips for, navigating no-contact rules while also facilitating victims' access to their rights.

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