Strategic Litigation: The Horizon of Victims’ Rights
Strategic Litigation: The Horizon of Victims’ Rights
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12:00pm – 1:05pm, PST (3:00pm - 4:05pm, EST)

Victims’ rights – in constitution and statute – have been law in most jurisdictions for more than three decades, yet too often they continue to be left unknown by victims and unused in any meaningful way in our courts.  While there have been amazing efforts across the country in trial and appellate courts that have advanced these rights, this presentation asks victims’ rights attorneys and advocates to move beyond ad hoc, isolated litigation, into strategic litigation to advance rights for all.  This requires a strategic litigation plan with a clear goal, but also one that allows room for revision on a case-by-case basis and periodic review from the larger movement perspective.  In this 20th year of NCVLI, we are pausing to analyze our strategic litigation plan and re-vision it with you as we move forward.

This training will discuss the concept and key elements of strategic litigation.  The presenter will then discuss the current landscape of victims’ rights law and litigation, and the vision for how key rights can be litigated moving forward to advance victims’ rights generally.  The session aims to advance a thoughtful and strategic approach to victims’ rights litigation that advances the rights nationwide.

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